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"Unique experience in the Australian bush. Our family of 7 were relaxed & enjoyed the spectacular views."
Wollemi House Afternoon.jpg

Group and family stays....

Grand bush house.....

Wollemi House has been designed to incorporate the feel of the Blue Mountains bush with its raw natural design.

The downstairs bedroom is exceptional with spa en-suite with bi-fold windows that open right up, letting guests relax in the spa while feeling surrounded by nature. The open plan living area features a grand open fireplace and cosy lounge and full kitchen.  Upstairs, the spacious living area is a perfect place to relax on the couch and read a book with extensive floor-to-ceiling slide back windows revealing panoramic views of the trees and bush surrounds.

The cabin itself is situated in a lovely bush setting, only 1 minute walk form a spectacular mountain lookout over canyons and sandstone cliffs.

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