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Organic Farm Tours
Learn about the importance of local produce, organic farming of fruit and vegetables on an educational organic farm tour.


Organic Farm Tours
hosted with Aaron from Harvest Farms

Our goal is to transform two unused pieces of land into thriving farms, to provide unique, area specific food for our community in a way that is beneficial to the environment.


Join us as we explore the natural world as it relates to our food and well being. This experience will offer you a deep insight into what it takes to grow produce in a way that works in with nature. From farm to wilderness, this interactive tour has it all. Learn how we grow over 23 different crops and taste the difference that makes our produce so sought after by fine dining restaurants around Sydney.

Time duration 1.5 hours


For enquiries and bookings please contact Aaron Brocken



Phone: 0474 217 646

Tour Includes:

  • Introduction to our farm and discussion about food systems, why we sell directly to our customers & the importance of being connected to your farmer.

  • Demonstration of our composting and worm farm systems. Learn about our Circular Economy & how we divert tonnes of food waste to grow produce. Understand benefits of organic fertilisers & biological stimulants over artificial chemicals.

  • Tour of our vegetable gardens, perennial flower beds and natural systems farming. Learn about beneficial insects and micro-organisms in the soil that hold water & draw carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Orchard walk and discussion about our orchard restoration project. See our grafted heirloom varieties of apples that we are preserving and sustaining for the future.

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