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Take a mud bath in the bush @ Wollemi Love Cabins Berambing


Bush Beauty Mud Baths

Package Price: $195 per person

Time duration 1.5 hours

Mud beauty treatments have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years to cleanse and tone our skin.

Wallow in Australians ancient ochres and smile at the comfort this age old beauty treatment brings.

Be transported back in time to childhood play and laugh when you look at yourself covered in mud.

Relax to natures ancient sounds as you gaze out over a prehistoric landscape and doze.


  • Relaxing mud & mineral bath in the bush

  • Unique formula from the dead sea to revitalise, stimulate and relax the body

  • Revitalise your skin and return its former glow

  • Complimentary Hillbilly Vintage Cider

  • Guided by Gina, our in-house therapist

Mud Baths are located on our Berambing Property


For enquiries and bookings please contact Gina

0425 319 442

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