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"Truly feel like you are living in the heart of nature here! so calming and beautiful. We will be back!

In place of our laptops and phones we enjoyed spectacular views, fresh air, singing birds, toasty fires & bubble baths."
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Be inspired.....

Relaxation. Shelter. Safety. Comfort and Simple Living....the rest we leave up to you.

The Cave stirs something in our biology – a primitive memory of our beginning, of when we lived in a simpler world and simpler times. And like a refuge, we can visit and stay inside it, use its protection against the hassles and stresses of modern life. The Enchanted Cave is a place to cook simply, relax easily and love your partner.

As you relax in the spa the afternoon clouds roll over the mountains before giving way to evening stars floating above the horizon. Daylight fades and the glowing fireplace dances flames and shadows across the rock walls, painting them with warmth and the silence of the bush. Far below the distant passage of the river runs wild on its way to untouched wilderness, echoing its song of time through the sandstone gorge.

The Enchanted Cave is ideal for couples looking for a romantic and secluded getaway in the Blue Mountains.

Enchanted Cave.jpg
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