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Love Studio

"No phone signal was a bonus for enjoying our anniversary."

Made for two...

This cute little dwelling was made for two!

Views from the Love Studio look north across the Blue Mountains & Wollemi National Parks. A spa beneath large fold-out windows allows guests of the Love Studio to get close to nature while enjoying the comforts of modern living.


Incorporating the same natural aesthetic used prominently in most of our cabins, the Studio features a combination of bush elements and bohemian style.

Explore a quirky yet cosy space made from recycled materials & furniture and full of character and charm.

Trash has been turned into treasure in the Love Studio Cabin, with a odd assortment of eclectic details and features & ornaments sprinkled throughout.

From school lockers to military creates and recycled kitchen draws - the front doors were salvaged from the old Manly Pub!

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