Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tours

Blue Mountains Glow Worm Night Walk at Wollemi Cabins

Imagine walking through a dark canyon surrounded by thousands of spectacular Glow Worms. As you turn off the head torches and let your eyes gradually adjust to the low-light conditions, more and more of these fascinating creatures begin to reveal themselves right before your eyes. If this sounds like an exciting experience, our 1 hr guided night tour will take you right into a nearby Glow Worm habitat so you can experience this natural spectacle for yourself. By hearing some simple and interesting facts about the Glow Worm before we commence, the tour will provide you with insights and precautions to have a great experience with nature and ensure minimal disturbance to the Glow Worm colony so it can be enjoyed by others.

After only a few months of taking guests into this special location, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many visitors left simply saying WOW! Unlike many public-access Glow Worm colonies, our Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tour operates entirely on private property - which mean you can experience a pristine and spectacular Glow Worm Colony without interruption.

The most popular part of the tour is when participants move in close to individual Glow Worms and experience details of the Glow Worm lairs, their webs and, of course, the Glow Worm's mesmerizing bio-luminescent glow!

So next time you stay at Love Cabins, don't miss this rare opportunity to observe one of nature’s most interesting creatures living in our very own backyard.

Tours are run nightly and cost $45 per adult - Bookings are Essential - please click the buy ticket button below to book your place on a tour.

Blue Mountains Glow Worm Night Walk at Wollemi Cabins

Advance Bookings Essential

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